Trial Juries an online “mock jury” system.  The jurors are all real people who meet the generally imposed requirements for jury service. We use a number of mechanisms to recruit a broad range of people from around the country to serve as our “virtual jurors”. When you submit a case, we ask for the zip code in which it is pending. We then select a random group of jurors from the area surrounding that zip code to hear your case.

Eligibility :

You must be at least 18 years of age, be a United States citizen and not have been convicted of a felony.

Benefits :

In most cases, they’ll pay you $30. For more complex cases, we’ll pay you more. Payments are made via PayPal within a few days of your completion of your work on each case. Not only that — it’s interesting!

Joining Fees :
Nothing. You can sign up — and create user accounts for yourself and others in your law firm — for no cost at all. We’ll only charge you after you actually submit a case and the jury has returned its verdict.

How to join :

Signing up for TrialJuries is easy. Once you sign up, you will be eligible to receive assignments and be a part of the “virtual juries” that review cases submitted by our participating law firms.  Just click here and fill out the form to sign up as a juror in using TrialJuries.


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