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Join Taylor Research Panel

The Your Opinions Counts Panel is hosted and managed by Taylor Research, Inc. The companies they work with spend millions of dollars to hear what consumers just like you have to say about their products and services.

You must be 18 years old or above.

Participants in discussion groups are all rewarded with an incentive for their opinions. The amount depends on the length of the interview and the study being conducted but typically it is between $40/hour to$80/hr and sometimes more.

What are Joining Fees:
There is no membership, monthly fee, etc. It’s Free!

How to Join Opinions Counts Panel?
There are three type of panel Join as per your criteria : Consumer Panel, Business Panel or Medical Panel
Just register and fill-out your profile at Taylor Research Panel. You will get an email, when they have a study to notify you to log-in to your account and answer a few qualifying questions. If you qualify you get a call from Taylor Research Panel. Attend the session, give your opinions, and then they pay you. That is it. No strings, gimmicks, or sales promotions attached.