Your Opinion Not Only Counts… it PAYS!

INGATHER RESEARCH is always looking for new paid study participants. They conduct research with kids as young as 5 to seniors in their 70′s and 80′s. Whether you’re a physician, truck driver, student, stay-at-home mom or any person we’ll find studies that are a fit for you and even your pets if you have them.

Studies also range in length and pay. Some can be as short as a quick 10 minute taste test, to a full day mock jury to an hour in-home or two hour focus group; they are all unique and range in pay from $40 – $500 or more.

Joining Fees:
This panel is Free to Join.

How to Join:
To get started as an INGATHER respondent, simply fill out the form. They will NEVER sell your information to anyone. Start getting paid CA$H for your opinions today!

If you have questions you can contact INGATHER at 303-988-6808 or email at


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