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Informer is a unique scheme which is only available for young people. It is for those who want to make their opinions and voices heard and get paid for it.

As a member of Informer you will be part of an exclusive group that is given access to new ideas, new ad campaigns and new technologies – all before anyone else!! Informers are the ones who influence which ideas are decent enough to take forward, influencing the decisions made by organisations and companies. They really do want to know what you think!

Eligibility : 
You must be at least 16 years of age to fill out this form. if you are under 16 we will need to get permission from your parent/guardian before you can start filling in surveys and earning money. Any participants who are connected to the Internet anywhere in the world!
Benefits : 
For every survey you complete you will receive between 50p and £3. Once you have reached £25 you can claim your money. To get payment you need to Paypal account.
You can also refer one of your friends by entering their contact details. This will earn you an extra £1 on your balance, if they then sign up.

How to Join :
All you need to do complete the simple registration form. Your profile information is used to match up with defined research specifications in order to determine which research studies you will be invited to participate. Continue to registration