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Think you have the cutest kid on the planet? The CuteKid Photo Contest is a great way to prove it.
The Cute Kid child and baby photo contest offers monthly cash, prizes, talent agent exposure, casting calls, baby modeling opportunities with a $25,000.00 Grand Prize. Sign your Cute Kid up today!

1. Snap: 

Capture adorable photos of your child(ren)

2. Share: 

Enter the contest in one of 6 categories:

Baby – 0-1Yr | Toddler – 1-2Yrs | Pre K – 2-4Yrs | Big Kid – 4-8Yrs | 
Preteen – 8-12Yrs | Multiples – 0-12Yrs

3. Soar: 

You’re on your way to winning thousands of dollars and casting opportunities

  • Six monthly category winners each win $500
  • Overall monthly winner receives $1,000
  • Annual winner is selected from monthly category winners, and becomes The CuteKid of the Year, with a $25,000 college tuition fund and more

How to capture a photo of kid?

Use your own smartphone or camera and capture your kid’s cutest moments and share it to them, their pros know just what to look for. However, if you choose to submit a professional shot, please obtain written authorization from the photographer. They’ll need this before any professional photo of a child can be named a winner or finalist.

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