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Influence the direction of IT market research and get paid for taking brief online surveys for IT professionals and IT purchasing decision makers. Our global IT and technology panel community is looking for members who are involved in the IT industry, whether you are a programmer, manager or executive. Express and share your opinions about IT and business topics relevant to you, in a highly secure and private environment.

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Earn cash for every online survey you complete.
Provide feedback that drives the direction of IT research and product development.

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Membership is free.

Location :
Your location – from your computer. Online research allows us to work with participants who are connected to the Internet anywhere in the world!
Earn cash
For each survey you complete, you’ll receive minimum of 200 TekPoints ($10 USD). Accumulate 1,000 TekPoints and you can redeem for $50 USD, in your local currency. Even if you aren’t qualified for a specific online survey, you’ll still receive a small amount of minimum 20 TekPoints.
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