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Select Opinion Leaders are an online survey panel that is owned by Ekas Marketing Research, a company that is over 35 years old, 100% Australian owned, and is known as a leading and trusted research company.

Anyone that is permanently living in Australia or New Zealand and is over 16 years old is eligible to join. Find more survey panels for other countries.

No matter if you qualify or not you will receive SOL points for trying immediately when you return to our site after completing a survey. The amount or SOL points will differ from job to job as it is dependent on the time to complete as well as the depth of knowledge required. You will be notified of the amount of incentive you will receive prior to taking part in focus groups and will receive your incentive at the end of your session. These payments range from a minimum of $40 up to over $300.

Joining Fees:
It’s absolutely free to join and participate, they will never ask for any payment information.

How to Join:
An activation email is an email that is sent to you after you sign up, and it has a link in it which you click on to “activate” your account, and to create a password. Join Now!


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