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Screen wise Trends Panel is a market research program owned and run on behalf of Google. To help run the panel, Google has partnered with United Sample, Inc. (uSamp), which has been hired by Google to develop and manage the Screen wise Trends Panel website and manage the panel. It is therefore important to them to reward their panelists as a thank-you for contribution to Screen wise Trends.

To join Screenwise Trends you must live in the US and be 13 years old or over. (Anyone who is 13-17 years old must have the permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to participate.)
Own a qualifying smartphone, be able to install software (such as a browser extension) on your main computer or be able to install an app on your smartphone. Use Google Chrome™ to browse the internet.

A reward comes when you complete the Register → Install → Activate process to become a panelist. You will receive a reward of US $4 to $8 seven days after you sign up, download the Screenwise browser extension, and install the mobile meter. You’ll get an additional gift of US $1 to $2 every week for staying with it.

Joining Fees:
The Screenwise Trends Panel is Free to Join.

How to Join:
There are four easy steps to becoming a member of the Screenwise Trends Panel:
Stage 1 – Register
Stage 2 – Install the browser extension
Stage 3 – Activate
Stage 4 – Install the mobile app


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