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Poll Buzzer has a simple origin. Poll Buzzer’s panelists are drawn from the general population. They have voluntarily agreed to answer your questions in exchange for compensation from Poll Buzzer. Like the general population, Poll Buzzer panel is comprised of a diverse mix of people, and we have made and continue to make every effort to grow a balanced panel of respondents.

Eligibility :

You must be at least 16 years of age, They conduct studies all over the world.

Benefits :

Each time you answer a question, your Poll Buzzer account is credited with US $1 in earnings after the question expires. You can choose to keep the cash, you will be paid using PayPal or Alternatively, you can choose to direct your earnings to a non-profit or charity.

Joining Fees :
Poll Buzzer is Free to Join

How to join :
You’ll be asked questions by businesses who want and value your opinion on a range of subjects, from your satisfaction with their products and interest in their brands to your personal hobbies and activities which help our clients understand the overall profile of the customers they are trying to reach. Become a Panelist and Start Making Money

If you have further questions you may contact :
Poll Buzzer
245 1st Street
Suite 1819
Cambridge, MA 02139
Email :


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