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My Country Panel
Whether you’re new to online surveys or have done it before, you might be looking for legitimate survey panels.
Panels by Rewards
You have the option to redeem your earning by PayPal, Gift Cards, Check, Online Fund Transfer, sweepstakes or many other ways.
Role Based Panels
To get paid for your opinion between $5 and $50 or more, simply browse through our list of panels and take the ones that most intrigue you.
Mobile Survey Panels
Mobile Paid Survey Panel"]As an active participant, earn $3 to $12 or more which you can redeem for gift cards or send money to your PayPal account.

Paid Trails Panels

As a thank you for volunteering your time, for each medical or consumer trial you take part you will receive at least $50 or $300 per day.

Focus Groups Panels

Your opinion is important and because you devote your time, you will get paid $50 or more for each focus group you participate in.

Mystery Shoppers Panels

Mystery Shopper's  Paid Panels"]It pays! As a mystery shopper you can expect to earn anywhere from $300 to $2000 or more a month in cash and freebies.

Panels For Teens

Paid Survey Panel For Teens"]Paid survey panels used to only target adults, but thankfully, more and more panels have started offering online surveys for money for teens.