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iZatso is a service that rewards you for taking part in online market research by providing your honest opinions and feedback about products and services, advertising campaigns, new product concepts or anything else.

A valid email and mobile number is required to register in iZatso Panel. Both needs to be verified for you to be able to complete the registration.

iZatso is members of the AMSRS (Australian Market and Social Research Society) as well as AMSRO (Association of Market and Social Research Organisations).

Is registration free?
Registration on iZatso is entirely free and you will not be asked for any payment.

Survey length:
A survey lasts on average 5 to 15 minutes. We try to ensure that all surveys are as short, simple and relevant as possible.

For each survey, in-home product test or group discussion that you are invited to, you will be informed of the reward amount prior to participating. For online surveys and in-home testing, you will be paid into your iZatso account. These credits can then be used to redeem rewards. Please see the Reward page of the site for more details.

How to Join:
Joining iZatso is simple, quick and best of all it’s FREE. You will automatically be entitled to receive surveys that, when completed correctly will entitle you to credits that can later be redeemed for one of our rewards The profile questions that you answer upon joining are specifically designed to ensure that you receive only the most relevant surveys.

What happens next?
Once you have joined iZatso as a panel member, from time to time you will be sent survey invitations to your email address. The invitation email will take you directly to the survey.


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