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Headbox is a co-creation community, which means we bring consumers (like you) and brands together to collaborate, bonuce ideas around and co create. The Headbox community is full of young and enthusiastic The best bit is we incentivise you for everything you do with Headbox!

Eligibility :

You have to be at least 16 years old to join Headbox!

Benefits :

There are LOADS of benefits to becoming Headbox member, for each project you do you will receive an incentive, this could be anything from a free exclusive download or gig ticket to £300 in cash. There is also a great chance to gain CV experience as you will be working on live briefs with real brands.

Your incentives get redeemed automatically after you complete a project, you will get email confirmation from PayPal that the money is being transferred to your account.

How to Join :

To put your name in the hat for Headbox work you need to apply for work online. Once you have heard about the project login to your Headbox account, click on the opportunity you would like to take part in, and click submit.
We are sorry to inform but HeadBox is no more alive over the internet. We shall come back an update you as soon as we get this panel back with us. Meanwhile enjoy other panels.

How to participate :
Every piece of work we think is suitable for you will be sent to you via your personal email address. You will also receive an internal email through the Headbox site and the opportunity will appear on your project opportunities board.