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What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery shopping is a serious enterprise intended to gather information about the customer experience in a specific environment. It requires time, attention, and effort.

What is role as a mystery shopper?

Mystery Shoppers serve as the eyes and ears for those companies as part of their efforts to enhance the quality of the customer experience. While as a mystery shopper you get paid for the work as shoppers, you are not paid to shop; are paid to gather data. Mystery shoppers know, before deciding to request or accept an assignment, what they will be paid.

Why you become a mystery shopper.

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  • You can work as a mystery shopper in FREE, You will never be charged any fees.
  • It pays! As a mystery shopper, to eat and shop for free at your favorite brands, you can expect to earn anywhere from $300 to $2000 or more a month in cash and freebies.
  • As a mystery shopper, you get to choose which assignments you want to accept through a 24/7 shopper website.

Where can you find Mystery Shopper Agencies?

You can find 150 mystery shopping agencies on the association’s Web site: www.mysteryshop.yolasite.com. The site also has an informative forum where mystery shoppers of all levels of experience share information and answer questions.

 Become a Mystery Shopper 


The Trade Organization for Mystery Shopping Providers, MSPA has defined a Code of Professional Standards and Ethics Agreement for Mystery Shopping Providers and for Mystery Shoppers. Other organizations that have defined standards for Mystery Shopping are ESOMAR, MRS and MRA.
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