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Hiving is a French company, founded in 2009, specializing in online consumer paneling service which allows its members to make money by completing online opinion surveys.

Become a Hiving Member

Hiving Panel’s Quick Stats

Survey Length: Surveys are not more than 15 – 20 minutes long

Payment Options: online surveys are rewarded with Hiving Points. They are convertible into cash and redeemable by PayPal. You can also be requesting an Amazon e-voucher or donating points to charitable causes!

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Threshold Limits: US $4.00 or 4000 Hiving Points

Minimum Age Limit: You Should be at least 15years old

How to Make Money with Hiving Survey Panel

To start, please make sure that your member profile is up to date.  In general, a survey takes between 5 and 20 minutes to complete. In a month you can take between 1 to 4 surveys. In return for fully completing one of Hiving surveys, you will earn what they call “Hiving Points”. These Points (at least 4000 Points) can be exchanged later on for cash by PayPal. “1000 Points are equivalent to £1.00.”

Make Extra money

Join Hiving Panel get your own Refer a friend link and share it with your friend on Facebook or in an email to make more money.

How to become a Member for Hiving Panel

Hiving Panel is a free-to-join paid online consumer panel. As soon you become an active member of Hiving Survey Panel, you able to take part in Surveys. There are only 3 simple requirements for joining this panel – 15 years old or above, live in UK, US, Australia, South Africa, France or Hong Kong, and accept their Terms and Conditions.

All of the basic information Hiving Panel need is included in the registration form, however, they encourage you to fill in your Thematic Profile to ensure an accurate match. Join Now!

However, you won’t get rewarded if you don’t participate in the survey seriously, give senseless answers, or try to answer the same survey many times. 

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