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Join Farron Research Panel

At Farron Research Panel you only need to contribute your thoughts and feelings about products on the market now, new product ideas or advertising ideas in a group discussion or in one on one interviews. It is really easy and it is always done in a convenient location.

Farron Research Panel need Australian peoples from age 7 to 65 or over to participate in research groups.

What type market research might you will participate?
Researchers use many techniques to gather your opinions and you may be asked to participate in focus groups, questionnaires over the phone, by trialling existing or new products; mystery shopping, watching a television pilot or preview a movie, be involved in a one on one interviews, complete an in home study, a large centralised tasting test or an online survey

You can become a respondent for paid market research at Farron Research Panel and receive a typical payment of between $50 and $200 or more per session in cash.

Joining Fees:
Farron Research Panel available for Free to Join.

How do you register?
You can register online through Farron Research Panel website today and after entering all your details, please use Save button and your details will be recorded in the Farron Research database. You can also include your dependent children on your registration form as businesses often need feedback from younger consumers as well!