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At Bowen Research, consumers test video games, and sometimes they test kids’ games. Based on London, European research game specialist firm has a broad research background in general; and in particular has done extensive work for Microsoft, Electronic Arts, etc. They ask questions about video games: how fun they seem, how good the characters are, etc.

Eligibility : 

IF YOU’RE UNDER 13: A parent or legal guardian must fill in the registration form. They have projects for kids 5 – 12, boys and girls. Or call with questions at (650) 712-1506, weekdays, Pacific time.
Benefits : 
These are small discussion groups that get together in person, and usually pay US $50. Participate in on-line surveys and chat groups. For these, you’ll usually also have the chance to win games.
Joining Fees :
Membership in Panel is FREE. You will never have to pay any money to be a member.
How to Join :
If you’d like to participate in Bowen Research that helps develop new and exciting products for teens and young adults, welcome to their sign-up page.
How it works:

If they test a game with kids age 13 and under (or teens), they make sure that the game is appropriate for their age. They ask on their “Gamer Signup” page that parents put in their information, not the child’s, for the address, email and phone number. The only personal information they ask about the child is their age and what game systems they like to play on.

For any questions, please contact :

Hugh Bowen, 611 San Benito Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 (650) 712-1506, 
or email at :


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