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Zoom Panel is a community of consumers who share their opinions and insights about companies products and services by participating in market research studies. Zoom Panel is powered by Critical Mix.

If you are 13 years old or above become a member of Zoom Panel.

Earn up to 250 points a survey. As a Zoom Panelist, you’ll receive rewards by qualifying for and completing a wide variety of surveys. For each completed survey, you’ll receive Zoom Points that are redeemable for popular movies, music, magazines, gift cards, and more.

Joining Fees:
Membership is free, and if you change your mind about wanting to participate in Zoom Panel, you can cancel at any time

How to Join?
You must be a ZoomPanel member to participate in online surveys, in home tests, focus groups and other market research projects. Please provide your details so they can send you the rewards you’ll earn for participation on ZoomPanel. Join Now! Get your First 50Points Today. Select Your Country:

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