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PanelPlace is the world’s 1st portal dedicated to help survey takers worldwide to benefit from Paid Surveys through a comprehensive technology platform that enhances user experience.

Eligibility :
If you are 13 years old or over and connected to the Internet, Join Panel Place from anywhere in the world!

    Benefits :
    In return, Survey Panels reward the respondents (which is you) with cash, gift vouchers or prizes to thank you for sharing your views and opinions. Whether you are a housewife, a work from home mom, a student, retiree, working full time, or just someone looking to make some extra cash, anyone can be part of this industry.
    Refer a friend and win $ 100

    Each person you refer gives you an additional chance to win US $100!

    Joining Fee:
    It’s Free to Join.

    How to Join:
    Get started with PanelPlace by submitting your Email & Country. Earn cash for your opinions! Join for free now!
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